About Us

Our Mission

VaraPac specialises in sourcing quality live shellfish from the Outer Hebrides on the West Coast of Scotland and Ireland. We are the leading exporters of live shellfish trading both internationally and across the Continent of Asia.

We pride ourselves on trading exceptional quality shellfish products and delivering them to our customers by airfreight. We supply an extensive range of shellfish, these include Brown Crab, Lobster, Velvet Crab, Cray Fish, Razor Clam, Langoustines, King Scallop, Sea Cucumber, and Sea Urchin.

We are passionate about sourcing live shellfish in a healthy, ethical, and ecological way. Our fish products are transported safely using our FishPac transport bins to deliver the shellfish in prime condition with little or no mortality.

We are 100% committed to meeting the highest standards of excellence and quality on the market. We pride ourselves on our excellent service to our customers and we do our utmost to get your products delivered safely across the world.

About FishPac

FishPac™ offers high payloads and low mortalities for a large variety of aquatic animals.

We use our innovative FishPac transport bins to transport and deliver the shellfish in a prime condition with little or no mortality.

The patented FishPac™ system has revolutionised live fish transport. This solution has uplifted more than 250,000 bins/totes between Australia, Indonesia, Maldives, Japan, Canada, USA, Asia, Iceland and Belgium, with each tote containing up to 600 kilograms of live fish and marine life.

The FishPac live air transport system is the only oxygen transport system approved by airlines and authorities around the world. Authorities include: CASA (Australia), USA Department of Transportation, Transport Canada along with the following Departments of Civil Aviation: Singapore, Indonesia, Maldives, New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Philippines, Iceland, Belgium.

Oxygen flows from an approved oxygen cylinder through the FishPac regulator creating a controlled flow of between 0.5 litres – 4 litres per minute. The oxygen is then dispersed via a ceramic diffuser positioned in the bottom of the bin/tote ensuring the contained aquatic life can be safely sustained for 30 hours or more.